Eevee (eeveecheese) wrote in pkmncollectors,

2013 Best Wishes Charizard For Sale... Oh and Hi Again~

Hey everyone (plus all newcomers)! My name is eeveecheese. Long ago I was a happy member of this community and bought many things, all of which I still have. It has been many years since I've been on here, so most of my collection is pretty old these days. I always prefer older plush for some reason. But now, like many, I would like to unload a bit of my swag onto others who will enjoy it more than me. I decided to start off strong with a very rare and rather pricy 2013 Tomy Charizard (don't worry, I can be reasoned with my loves).

I can provide more pictures if wanted. I wanted to get 300 USD for him. He is in Mint with Tag, untouched, non dusty and smoke free and pet free condition. He is able to warrant top end of the market. :)

However, I am a reasonable lady and all~ You see I do still like to collect certain things here and there. I won't go out on a whim and specifically name specific items that only one person has and they don't even want this thing, so I will just say this. I collect older Pokedolls and older banpresto. My cutoff year is 2010. :) I particularly like the years 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009 for merch in plush terms. I am willing to trade for plenty of plush from that era, be it many plush or one biggie (which will take some serious thought). And I am willing to accept a plush and take that off the amount. :) A Mismagius pokedoll or a Luxray Banpresto are good examples of things that would meaningfully take something off the amount.

Also he is very spoiled and cute. I really can't say much more in his favor that hasn't already been said, but he is a really amazing plush and I want him to be enjoyed by a real Charizard fan. Not an Eeveelution collector.

My sales permission was granted by Rachelled in 2012.

When paying, I will discuss shipping and payments via pms to keep things private. I understand that this is already a lot of money even if you chose to do a partial trade. I will make sure your plush is shipped out ASAP. I can access the post office any day of the week except the obvious Sunday.

Regardless, thanks so much for looking! Hopefully he goes to a good home!

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