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MC 1st Gen Collection "Update" + Wants

Hi everybody, it's been about a year since I last participated on this website. In April 2014, I started a journey to collect the first 251 Monster Collection figures and I finally completed that journey in August 2015, over a year later. In August 2015, I started a new collection on accident. Now, I have started a new collection: Sealed MC First Generation figures, the ones that were only released in Japan and were redistributed through other places as Auldeys. A link to a Bulbapedia page that gives a whole lot more information and provides pictures will be available after the cut.

The ones with the Japanese writing without "Auldey" on the box are the ones I collect. I'm sorry that I couldn't include any pictures x_x

I was browsing eBay and I found a MIB Espeon and Umbreon 2 pack for only 10 dollars in mid-August and I purchased it. I was so excited because it seemed like a really rare item (there aren't even pictures of it on Bulbapedia) and it was a really good way to start a new collection. Since then, I have acquired about 25-35 more MIB figures from the same wave. Initially, this number was more like 75 because I was counting the much, much more common Auldey figures back then, but since then, I decided to only intentionally collect the Japanese releases for now. My accidental Auldey collection is actually even bigger than my "real" collection because I amassed so many of them. As said before the Japanese releases are much more rare; there are probably 10 or more Auldeys for every Japanese release on eBay right now. Some of the later figures (I'm thinking about #66 and above) did not even receive Auldey re-releases and are even more impossible to find. If you want to collect these, be warned that you need to have a surplus of patience. These aren't like the Tomys where you could take a huge loss to yourself to buy a figure like Electrode at a not-so-attractive price after you couldn't find it anywhere else (I know this far too well); some figures aren't even available at all anywhere at any price, and even on Yahoo Japan, some of these figures go months and months without being listed at all.

Anyhow, here are all of the figures I currently own. I would take pictures, but room has bad lighting and I don't have a camera.

2. Venusaur (with Grabber Ball)
3. Blastoise*
4. Nidoking
5. Clefairy (with Grabber Ball)
11. 2 Gyarados (1 with and without Grabber Ball)
19. Mew*
20. Vulpix
21. Jigglypuff*
22. Charmander
25. Chansey
27. Gengar
30. Meowth*
32. Cubone
36. Jolteon
39. Aerodactyl
40. Metapod and Butterfree
51. Venonat and Venomoth
53. Gloom and Vileplume
66. Charmeleon and Wartortle
67. Doduo and Dodrio
69. Bulbasaur and Ivysaur
73. Krabby and Kingler
76. Pidgeotto and Marowak
80. Kangaskhan and Tauros
90. Espeon and Umbreon
91. Bayleef and Meganium
92. Croconaw and Feraligatr
93. Typhlosion and Quilava

I also have the Charizard and Squirtle line 3 packs and the Pikachu pose 3 pack. The figures marked with an asterisk are figures I am waiting for through the mail.


I am going to do this the same way I did the first 251 Tomy collection: I am going to knock out all of the potentially irritating ones first.

Anything above 66 that I don't have, I am interested in, especially:

74. Caterpie and Weedle
78. Persian and Ninetales
82-84. The Johto Starters
88. Wooper and Quagsire
89. Sunkern and Sunflora
94. Lugia and 95. Ho-Oh: These are the big mommas. I would be willing to pay the most for these two.

Thanks for looking, as always.

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