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2016 SDCC Pokemon Exclusives + a Little Reminder

Hello Everyone! :D

I haven't seen these posted yet, but I was doing a little digging looking for information about a San Diego Comic Con exclusive when I found these....

A 20th Anniversary Tomy Ash and Pikachu set! Unlike the previous Ash Tomy, Pikachu is wearing Ash's hat. This one doesn't look like it has the pearl sheen either. He will be $19.99 at the convention and, according to the blog, will only be available at SDCC. But! According to a Gamestop pre-order sheet, it looks like Ash will be available at Gamestop (probably on or around July 21) for $19.99.
For more information, you can check
here while the Gamestop sheet can be found here (full sheet) / here (shortened list).


A Mini Artbook! The artbook looks very similar to The Art of Pocket Monsters that was released eariler this year. It's priced at $15 for the convention. It may be available after the convention, but I'm not sure.
More information about the art book can be found here.

While we're at it, I also wanted to remind everyone that my Poke Postcard Auction ends tomorrow, July 15, at 9:00 PM. There's less than 20 hours left, and there are some pretty postcards that don't have bids, so check it out if you have some time! You can either click here or the image to be teleported to the auction!


See you next time!
^u^ kuro
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