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Firey Foxxes and who is going to the tattoo and toy con in cardiff?


It seems the mail won't stop pouring in, today my Sanei Allstar Vulpix arrived I had been waiting for it since the day it was available for pre order and she is just the cutest!
I was afraid she'd be too much like the PC plush I already had but I think I prefer this plush over it now.

Also a lil amaura came along, the tyrunt I ordered got cancelled because they were no longer available so it's just her for now :)

Also for those who wonder at the differences between the PC and Sanei plush I did some side by side puctures uner the cut please enjoy ^_^

On the Left you see the new Sanei All Star plush on the right the japanese PC plush.

Which vulpix plush do you like best of these 2?

Then onto the second thing I was wondering if anyone here is planning on visiting the Tattoo and Toy Convention in Cardiff the 23th and 24th of july, I know it's a long shot but if you are I'd love too meet you! I have my own booth that I'll be tattooing from so I shouldn't be too hard to find as I won't be roaming around :)
Usually I live in Belgium so it'd be a cool chance to meet some of you Uk people and it would really make my day!

I'm not sure if it's allowed to post anything related to identify my booth so I haven't but the name I go by for my tattoo art is AW Tattoo.

I will also bring some of my pokemon related art and have some framed prints up for sale like this one :)

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