Eevee (eeveecheese) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Post (Tomy Figures, Old Games, Preorder Bonuses)

Hi all! Just so you know I am still selling my Charizard Best Wishes plush which can be found at this link:

For now I am coming at you with a sales post of some nice tomy figures that have been sitting around collecting *ahem* nothing. Considering they have been in storage since I opened them yearsss ago. But now a lot of them are for sale. I also have a lot of legendary pokemon tomy figures and other weird ones so just ask!

All prices are in USD. Shipping to US only for now if that is okay. : >

Used copy of Pokemon Platinum. Played twice. All manuals and box included. 20 USD.

Used Copy of Pokemon Soul Silver. Includes outer box, all manuals and inner box and cardboard holder for Poke Walker. Played about 3 times. Lugia Preorder Figure included. 45 USD.

Used Copy of Pokemon Heart Gold. Previously asked about but wanted to keep this a complete set. Includes outer box, all manuals, Untouched Pokewalker, cardboard holder for pokewalker, inner box, Pre order Ho-oh figure and Game itself. Game has been played twice. 75 USD.

Vulpix and Nintales Tomy Figure Set. Official. From Pokemon Center New York years ago. 30 USD OBO.

Japanese Eeveelution Tomy Set. Complete and official. All bought from Denkimouse or japanvideogames. Mint condition. 50 USD OBO.

Miscellaneous Official Tomy Figures - All 5 USD except Milotic, who is 15 USD. I will combine shipping if you purchase multiple tomys from me of course :)

Thank you so much for looking! I did a lot of research on prices and I feel that these prices are okay. Let me know if you have any questions or methods to handle international shipping. I'd like to know of a reasonable one!

Good luck everybody! :D
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