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what is this blaziken? + commissions open!

Stumbled upon this, can't tell what kind of figure it is. Basically can't understand whether I already have it or not lol...
The info on the box lists it as part of the 2015 Pokemon center MegaKuji (lottery). It appears to have the same mold and peg as a kuji figure I already have (this one), but different base.
Anyone got any further info?

I'd also like to open Pokedoll tag commissions

My Pokedoll art is custom drawn by me on the computer, then printed on paper and laminated! It comes in two variants: Pokedoll tag and Plushplush tag

Info on each:

single sided, has name of the Pokemon on top, it's as big as an actual Pokedoll tag. Default color is blue but can come in red, SHINY and custom, just let me know if you have preferences! COST IS $15 BEFORE SHIPPING.

single sided, as big as an actual Plushplush tag, and you can choose the background color! COST IS $15 BEFORE SHIPPING.
Note that the example photo above used official Porygon2 Pokédoll art, for your commissions I will of course draw brand new art myself (unless you want me to use official art, just ask about it!).

Shipping is from Italy, shipping and handling is $2 for Europe, $3 for America/Asia and $3.50 for Australia/Africa
Tracking is available for an extra $1.

I might be interested in trades, including customs! here's my current wishlist (although you can try and bribe me with other things, I collect a lot of Pokemon):

Want art from me, but only in digital form? You can send me a PM about it and we'll discuss the details in private, since on pkmncollectors as per community rules I only sell physical commissions! Thanks for understanding.
More examples of my art: criminalcrow.tumblr.com

I've been grandfathered sales permission since 2007 (old username: moguryuu)
link to my feedback:

Thanks for reading!
Tags: blaziken, custom, pokedoll, pokedolls
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