SK (skdarkdragon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help! Metal Figure Mix-Up :(

Hi all,

I recently purchased this lot on Yahoo Japan:

I was super excited because there was a purple Vulpix among the figures! :D Which I have been searching for ages for. However, I received the box from From Japan the week and inside this was what I received:

As you can see, it's not the same lot of figures at all. :\ (You can click on it for a bigger picture if you need.) I'm really upset, because either the seller or From Japan mixed up the orders and sent me the wrong one. (I'm leaning toward it being FJ's fault because this particular seller was only selling one lot of metal figures, so I doubt he could have accidentally sent me a different lot.) I wrote to them explaining what happened, but I thought I'd reach out here on the community too on the off-chance that someone purchased the lot above that I received and might have gotten my lot by mistake. T_T I can't seem to find a closed listing that has these figures in it on Yahoo Japan, so I'm not sure what search terms it was under.

Anyway, if you are the person who bought the lot I received, or know who might be, please let me know! I just want my purple Vulpix figure, you can keep all the rest. T_T

Thanks and I apologize for the downer of a post!

Tags: vulpix
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