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Plush Commissions

Hello! Long time no see.

My plush commissions will be opening on the 18th July, so I thought I'd open 1-3 slots here!
Keep in mind it's not first come first serve - I will be choosing which to accept on the 18th. (How many slots I take here depends on how many slots are filled from other websites.) Also, these will probably be the last commissions I take until 2017.
Anyway, feel free to ask for a price quote! Info under the cut.

  • Sales Permission granted on August 16, 2015 by areica96.

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  • All community rules apply

  • I will not sell to banned or non members

  • Prices are in Great British Pounds (GBP). If you'd like to check what the prices are in your currency, you can use this currency converter.

  • I only accept payment via Paypal.

General Info
- Plushies are made from shannon minky fabric.
- They are not suitable for children.
- Comes from a smoke-free home.
- Comes from a dog-friendly home. I don't allow him to come into contact with the plushies, but I wouldn't recommend commissioning me if you have severe allergies.

Different eye examples:

Please fill in this form when asking for a price quote

Character: (link to image/s.)
Size/type: (What size you want it, in inches. Also what type of plush: do you want a keychain? Done in a similar style to a plush I've already made?)
Other: Optional. Write here whether you want any specifics. e.g. do you prefer safety eyes, clay eyes?
Address: So I can calculate the shipping cost. This can just be your country, I don't need your full address until I'm ready to ship the plush.

Price Info

Keychain Head - about 2 inches big
Ranges from £4-£8
Shiny Sneasel Keychain by PlushieMania Plush charms by PlushieMania

Beanie Plushies - 6 to 9 inches long
Starts at £24+
Terriermon Beanie by PlushieMania Mew beanie V2 by PlushieMania Gatomon Beanie Plush by PlushieMania

Small Plushies - 3 to 5 inches tall or long
Starts at £24+
Tails the fox plush by PlushieMania Mini Terriermon Plush by PlushieManiaMale Nidoran plush by PlushieMania

Medium Plushies - 6 to 8 inches tall or long
Starts at £30+
Glaceon Plush by PlushieMania Eevee plush by PlushieMania Reef plush by PlushieMania

Big Plushies - 9 inches + tall or long
Starts at £40+
Lilligant plush by PlushieMania Chibi Guilmon Plush by PlushieMania

- Plushies take anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks to make.
- If you'd like it for a deadline you have to give me reasonable advance notice and I may charge an extra fee.
- For UK I offer 1st class or 2nd class shipping, but for International I only offer tracking. UK cost usually ranges from £3.90 - £6.75 and International shipping usually costs £8.80 - £9.75.

EDIT: Slots are open! Get your quotes in quick & tell me if you'd like to be considered for a slot, I'll be choosing on the 19th (GMT).
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