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Gift Exchange Swap #3 Has Arrived (plus EX trade)!

Hey everyone <3 A few days ago I posted about the gift I got from starrypurrlion- today I'm posting about the package I received this morning from ice_kestrel9! This was one of my all time favorite gifts... check out how incredible it is under the cut ;w;

Sneak peak...



So back to the sneak peak- the first thing I discovered when I opened the package was this cute little card! There is a long and very sweet message inside that I forgot photograph too haha. The cards were actually the last thing I opened, but as you can see the pulls were amazing. Ice put in three packs, and I got EX's from two of them!! Thank you for adding those in- opening TCG packs is probably one of my most favorite things to do c:


In the package I also found this Pokebox keychain :D I already have one but I'm pretty psyched about having a double, cause now I can use one and keep the other mint. I was struggling on what to do with my original one so I guess that's no longer an issue!


Next I discovered these ADORABLE handmade straps!! I love them so so much ;w; The Phantump twins are perfect, and little Celebi is catching a ride with me to the Carribean tomorrow ^w^ I can't get over how tiny and wonderful all of these are.

Next up is actually the first thing I opened, but I decided to save it for last on here. It completely blew my mind..


LOOK AT THAT. LOOK AT THAT MAGNIFICENT SCULPTURE. This is now one of my favorite collection pieces. I've been carrying it around me from room to room in my house like a lunatic all day- I can't stop holding and looking at it. Thank you thank you thank you so much ;A;

And here's everything together!

I'm also looking to trade EX's- those two Flareon's are up for grabs since I already have one, and I have a Delta Gardevoir too. I'm interested in basically any EX- it just needs to be good condition and one that I don't have.

gardevoir ex.jpg

Link to store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu


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