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summer sales!

summer sales and lots, woohoo!!!

You'll notice similar items / lots from my post a couple days ago because I decided to redo what were in certain lots (along with prices, and some better / close-up pictures :D)! After a couple of days, I will be posting all these items on eBay, but of course I'd rather sell to members here. (I apologize for the semi-post redo, but here goes)! Most of the prices are based off of sold eBay listings, so I'm open to reasonable haggling --- I'm not 100% sure on pricing!


denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is >>> HERE <<<
I am a fast shipper from the U.S. and I WILL ship international!
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
        >>> if the extra $$$ for insurance makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
 Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
 Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I only accept payment through Paypal.

✮ Random flat-ish lot (pencils, stickers, stampers, etc.) - SOLD!!!

✮ Snover Pokedoll (just tush tags, otherwise great condition!) - $55.00

✮ Christmas Pikachu Santa plush from 2014 (MWT) - $75.00

✮ Growlithe Plush Pouch and Passcase (MWT) - $38.00 for both before shipping!

✮ Random plush lot - $25 for all three
--- Talking Tepig plush (talking feature does not work, stain on left side of face)
--- DX Chimchar (MWT, just got from a lot on Y!J)
--- Oversized Turtwig Pokedoll (used condition, has all tags)

✮ D-arts Venusaur - $45.00 (like new condition, has only been on display!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.34.20 PM.png

✮ Random assortment lot (with JP Clefairy doll) - SOLD!!!

thanks, and let me know if there's interest! :) these sales have been crossposted other places because I need new homes for these things pronto since I'm moving in August aaa. 
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