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Looking for Umbreon chupa HOLY GRAIL! plus small intro

Hello community I haven't actually introduced myself yet, but you might have seen me around purchasing and just socializing and gawking at how amazing some of your recent gets have been ^-^ Well hello guys and nice to meet you all, I suck at intro's so I'll try to make it short xP
I'm Pokewomon as you can all obviously see haha, and I collect a good number of pokemon like the eeveelutions mainly Umbreon, Mightyena line, Houndour line, Growlithe line, Manectric, Absol, Shinx line and many more I wouldn't really care to list xD I collect to many :P (poor wallet). I'm mostly a figures collector and I've noticed a lot of ppl here collect plush and I told myself I wouldn't but I've been being slowly sucked into plushing myself so we'll see how that goes ;v;

Okay besides that I'm here looking for the Umbreon old version chupa with all its dynamic pose glory. It has eluded me ever since I started collecting ;-; sad I know, heres a pic just incase you have no idea what I'm talking about
It's the black little fox above.
I'll take it for whatever price as long as it's not insane :/ like I don't want to have to go sell my kidney to cover the price xD that would be an unforgettable experience o.O so if you are selling or know anybody who might be interested in selling plz let me know and I'll give you an internet high five T-T)/ and I don't care the condition as long as it doesn't look like it went through a woodchipper if you know what I mean. I have obtained all the old version eeveelution chupas except this little guy and it'd make me super happy to be able to finally own him ^o^)9

And if you do have the chupa but don't want to sell it I'd still love some pics ^-^ that's how much I love the fig that pics are enough to make me happy lol, and also I'd like to see pics of your collections and tell me what your favorite piece is from it and tell me how you got it :). I really need some inspiration right now, and whats better than getting it from others collections c: and I also want to get to know you guys a little better and what pokemon are your favorites and whatnot, thanks guys and have a great week. And good luck on any grails you guys are after :D

Sorry if this post is crappy xP but I litterally made it in less than 5 minutes, and it's my first so :P and also let me know if I did anything wrong, I would love to fix it.
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