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Alola Starter LED Sculptures and Sales

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have made sculptures of the new Alola starters to auction- Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten!

They are currently up for auction on Ebay as a set:

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, life has been busy! As some of you may know (but most probably not), I am 7 and a half months pregnant and me and the hubby have been preparing for our little girl to arrive! *happy dance*
That's why I haven't been active much with collecting or on my Etsy shop. Any funds I make from the auction and my sales will go straight to our baby savings and buying her the things she needs. :3
I still get a lot of messages asking about commissioning light up sculptures. Unfortunately, I haven't been up for commissions lately and don't know when I will have the time again to take any. So, if you've been wanting one of my light up sculptures this is a good chance to nab one... err three! <3

Prices on pictures, $5 minimum purchase please. Many items are sold, you can see the sold list at the bottom. :)
I ship from the US- Please keep in mind that international shipping costs are very high!

SOLD: 3DS case, Eevee mansion binder, Eeveelu pillow case, Eevee placemat, Eevee necklace, Eevee cutout, Eevee Pokebox plaque, both Flareon TFGs, Eevee walky stickers, Delphox Pokedoll, Delphox PC plush, Jolteon tomy, Chikorita v-trainer, Eevee coin pouch, 1:1 Fennekin, Mega Absol plush, Petite Fennekin, Eevee notebook, both Meowstic Pokedolls

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