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Hi! And summer cleanout

Hi! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I'm doing a summer cleanup and have a few quick sales today, including the adorable laying Raichu plush and some cute cushions. :)

All seller info can be found here.

Please do not haggle unless you see an "OBO" sign. You may haggle on these items, but if someone else commits to the plush for full price, it's theirs.
Sales permission was granted by astralvulpes sometime way back in 2008.

Laying Banpresto Raichu plush (above the cushion)! $38 shipped
Laying Banpresto Pichu plush (above the cushion)! $22 OBO
Pikchu in Eevee Hoodie Plush: $40 OBO
Winking Pikachu Plush: $10 OBO
Raichu Cushion: $30 OBO
Dittochu Cushion: Please make offers starting at $25!
Pikachu (winking) & Pichu Cushions: $25 OBO each
Pikachu Fruit Basket Plush: $25 OBO
Mega Gengar Plush: $30

I also have some better pictures below of the plush that are a little less visible:

All plush are MWT! Feel free to purchase more than one for combined shipping. :)

I also still have this beautiful Metagross custom that is still looking for a home! He is 18" wide and made by the super-talented Magnastorm. <3

Her large scale plush range from $350-$800 and this plush is one of a kind, so this would be a great chance to own a piece of work by her especially if you love Metagross!

Shipping will range from $20-$30 depending on where you live, but I will calculate an exact cost after finding out your location.

I am asking for $350, but also feel free to make offers down below. :)
I ship within 1-2 business days.

Thanks for looking!

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