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MC 1st Gen (and more) Massive Collection Update - July 18, 2016

Hello all,

I just got some more figures in the mail so I finally decided to take pictures of my collection and post them for the first time in at least 2 years. My pictures may be really blurry, so bear with me.

Here are the figures I've had for a while now. Nothing new here except for the 3 box sets which I just got a couple weeks ago. The very first figures I had were pretty rare, which were Espeon and Umbreon and sets 91-93 (the mid-final stage Johto starters two packs). I think starting out with a rare item is a great motivator to start a collection. I'm pretty sure that I would have end up hating myself towards the end of my collection trying to hunt down these figures because just looking for Lugia and Ho-oh (which are just as rare) has been a major pain. These are all in great condition. I believe I bought all of the ones in the plastic from a community member through eBay, as well as a lot of Auldeys, which are a secondary collection that I have and a collection that continues to grow on accident (more on that later).

Here are very recent gets. Mew and Jigglypuff were from a couple days ago. The other 4 2 packs were from today. As you can see, Horsea and Seadra and Psyduck and Golduck are in ROUGH shape, but I got relatively (?) good deals on all of them. Jigglypuff is also a bit bent, but I got it for a steal alongside Mew, so I'm not really complaining.

Here are some very low quality photos of my (forever-ongoing) out of box Tomy Monster Collection collection (how redundantly redundant). This container only contains my "rarest" figures and things I was too lazy to sort like a Pidgeotto and a random Samurott that isn't even a Tomy, such as Voltorb/Electrode, Ditto, and recolors/re-releases, including a recolor/re-release of Ditto. Yes, I'm just as confused as everybody else.

Here is the aforementioned "accidental" Auldey collection. Auldeys are super duper common, even on North American shores, so I had no problem amassing all of these. This box is actually too small to hold them, so a lot of my extra Auldeys have spilled to my dresser. My collection is actually relatively modest (I'm probably not even half done with the Japanese releases) but space is still an issue x_x

Speaking of Auldeys, I found an eBay listing that was selling a Blastoise and the listing used a picture of a Japanese release Blastoise on it, but used the word Auldey specifically in the title. I bought it wondering if it was just a stock picture or if the seller wrongly believed a Japanese release was an Auldey (before I made the Japanese releases a primarily collection, I confused the two as well and wasn't even aware the Japanese releases were any different). It turned out to be the former. I was a bit bummed, I was looking forward to a Japanese release Blastoise, but I'm still keeping it. It'll be an in-joke for my collection or something. Look out for it in future collection updates.

I have made some progress recently, but I still haven't gotten any of my wants yet unfortunately. My main wants are:

Any Japanese release above 66 but the ones I listed are especially high priority
Japanese release Blastoise
72. Ponyta and Rapidash (I didn't even know this existed)
74. Caterpie and Weedle
78. Persian and Ninetales
82-84. The Johto Starters
88. Wooper and Quagsire
89. Sunkern and Sunflora
94. Lugia and 95. Ho-Oh (THESE ARE MY GRAILS)

Thank you for looking and as always, happy collecting.
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