classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated sales post~

Jeez all I post now in days are sales, I'm so sorry about that :/ but next post I plan on doing an update ^_^ I added some cool new things to my sales so please have a look :)

I was granted sales permission by Allinia 6-11-14

Er.... I can't seem to access the feedback system 0-0 but I assure you it's 100% positive!

I ship from MS and do not offer international

I come from a smoke/bedbug free home.

If a package gets lost please contact me so we can figure something out

I don't mind some haggling, but don't be offended if I offer a counter offer :)

Each order comes with a free Pokemon card :)

Raichu PC plush $20 Beauty Cosplay Pikachu $22 purlion banpresto $9(legit but head string fell off)

Zygarde 10% figure $6
Lisia and Altaria badge $5
Shiny pikachu charm $9 (christmas pikachu for comparison only)
Ichiban kuji pikachu Keychain $7.50

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