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Tomy News Central: Sun and Moon MonColle figures + Updated brand name

Greetings everyone! Today I would like to introduce a new segment for my service on PKMNcollectors as "Tomy Central News" it will be news featuring fresh information (from visual proof included of course) right here, shown on PKMNcollectors only.

Now, as we approach the final end for the XY moncolle era, we expect a new era of Alola toys from our beloved PVC-making company: Takara Tomy.

And according to YesAsia, here are the leaked information of goods we come to expect this year;

So... yeah. From Tapu Koko, to Snorlax we have an... interesting line-up. Now, the release date may not be around August 10th, because YesAsia isn't too consistant with dates, but that would be rather nice to see them just start right off the bat.

I'm also rather curious what these, Moncolle GET 'grassland' and 'cave' are suppose to be.
So, what are your guys thoughts about this? Excited? Sad that we will not be getting Tyrantrum figures anytime soon? Anyways, thanks for reading and hopefully this was a good take on a new thing.
Tags: figures, info, snorlax

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