lascivapeluche (lascivapeluche) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Life-size Slowpoke custom plush !

Hey there ! Here is my latest pokémon plush, a huuuge derpy slowpoke ! I began him one year ago so his pattern is not really accurate (if I had to redo him I would change a tons of things !) but he is super fat and perfect for cuddles !! He is 1m20 long (so lifesize :D ) has appliquéd eyes, sculpted ears, tiny teeth, big tongue poking out and even a bellybutton !! He is so nice to slug on during hot summer !

More pics under the cut ! With me holding him for size-ref :D

You can find on FB with my name Lasciva, peluchière and on DA with peluchiere ! Have a great pokémon time all of you ! :)

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