Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Zukan & rare Minicot sales

Finally I got my last Absol minicots :) I was able to get a complete minicot set with the blue bases :P Hard to get. So the rest is up for sale!
But keep in mind: I can only ship next week friday due to my working layers :/ So I apologize in advance!


- all pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 19 SEP 2014
- I ship from Germany
- shipping starts at $2.30 for flats (up to 50g, 2cm height) and $5 (up to 500g) in a bubble mailer to anywhere in the world
- tracking cost extra +$3
- for german buyers: shipping starts at $1.30 (Warensendung)
- Hey listen! The item/s take 1-4 weeks to receive, depends on your country
- Shipping costs are calculated from the packaging and transportation costs to the post office
- I have 2 cat's, so don't buy anything if you are allergic
- You can find my feedback here: new feedback (absol) / old feedback (umbreeon)

I accept haggling but don't be mad if I don't accept your price.

Used Zukans:
Note: All Zukans haven't their original bases. Sadly. Except Rayquaza, he has his original base.

- Kangashkan (baby in bag) $30 sold
- Rayquaza cloud Zukan (base is used) $30

- Weavile/Sneasel $18
- Shuppet/Banette $25

- Paras/Parasect (Parasect has a broken peg on the bottom) $25
- Makuhita/Hayriyama $28

- Phanpy/Donphan (2x) $25 each
- Kangaskhan (baby outsite the bag) $30 sold

- Sudowoodo line Zukan $12
- Mr.Mime line Zukan (no peg for Mr.Mime) $10
(Pikachu is free with a purchase over $25 or you buy him for $3, also he has some marks etc.)

Rare MIP Minicots:
Note: All Minicots are MIP. Also the Minicots with their blue base are very rare and not common.

I'm sorry for the bad picture. Will make a new one in the coming days. I had no time to make a better picture.

- Whismur $5, silver Whismur $7, gold Whismur $9
- Meowth $8, silver Meowth $12, gold Meowth $18
- silver Absol $45
- Jirachi $18, silver Jirachi $28, gold Jirachi $40 sold
- Pikachu $10, silver Pikachu $15, gold Pikachu $20

I'm offline now! Will reply in the morning. Thanks for reading.
Tags: absol, donphan, jirachi, kangaskhan, meowth, parasect, pikachu, rayquaza, sales, whimsur
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