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Getting rid of everything

Hey community!
I'm basically getting rid of everything. EVERYTHING. Come and see:

Sales permission granted on 10/15/11 by dakajojo, here's my FEEDBACK

* Paypal only, prices are in USD
* first one to commit gets the item, in case of offers I wait for 24 hours and if I get no better offer the first person wins
* shipping is not included unless otherwise stated
* if you want registered or insured mail let me know, but it'll cost a bit more. Registered shipping means it'll be traceable in case it's lost (never happened to me though) but without insurance
* I ship from Europe(Slovakia) so it may take 12-20 days to reach you
* !! I'M OK WITH HAGGLING !! tell me if my prices are too high please!

Here we go:

Bulbasaur Banpresto has both tags - $23 back
Bulbasaur roll figure - $8

Zubat plush+hat lot - $220 insured shipping included for all 8 plushes + the hat
more pics, tags are as pictured:
hat back, hat inside, detached tag
jakks plush, jakks back (tags have been cut off)
KFC plush, KFC back (tags have been cut off)
Play by Play, back
Applause, back
Burger king, back
pokeball throw plush, back
halloween, back
small golbat, back

Zubat figures&other lot - ZUKAN NO LONGER INCLUDED IN THE LOT
the watch doesn't work, Crobat kid has a mark on the back.

Pikachu Golbat PC Halloween'07 plush tush tag only - $170 insured shipping included
another pic

Archen plush has both tags - $35

Vaporen I love Eievui plush has both tags - $10

Vaporeon PC standing plush has both tags (jap.) - $13

Vaporeon PC sitting plush has both tags (jap.) - $15

Tyrunt has both tags - $15

Servine PC plush hand tag detached- $30
Serperior PC plush hand tag detached- $60

Serperior DX plush hand tag detached - $65
detached tag is a bit wrinkled

Servine Jakks - $5

Servine bootleg - make an offer, even free

Servine thing $5 shipping included

Dedenne talking plush tush tag only, it didn't have hand tag, talks so much it's annoying - $30

Dedenne PC plush hand tag detached - $11

Dedenne MPC laying down has both tags - $17
Dedenne MPC standing has both tags - $13

Dedenne Petite plush with both tags - $12
Dedenne flat squeaky plush has both tags - $12

Dedenne laying plush has both tags - make an offer because the shipping will be expensive? (offers starts at $18)
size ref

Dedenne petite keychain thingie never used, no original packaging - $7
another shot

Luxray Banpresto plush no tags, I even cut the tush - $150 insured shipping included

Paras custom plush made by Juumou, one claw is ripping off and I have no skills to sew it back on - $30
bad size ref :/

Magmar plush tush tag only, its head fiery thingies are visibly worn, the material wasn't meant to last too long I guess - $13
fiery things

Swoobat tag detached - $17
Larvesta tag detached - $15
Archen tag attached- $17
Servine no tag - $5

Spritzee PC plush hand tag detached- $10

Corsola Banpresto tush tag only - $15

Patrat PC plush hand tag detached - $8

Patrat lot Zukan has correct base - $12

Kids lot only everything together! - $15 shipping included

Meowth and Persian zukan correct base - $35 shipping included

Seviper kid and pokedex figure only together - $11 shipping included

[[I'm now OFFLINE]]
Tags: archen, bulbasaur, dedenne, golbat, luxray, paras, raticate, sales, serperior, servine, zubat
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