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Hi! Long time!

Lately i was on vacation with my family so i kinda wanted to slow down a little bit.. but now am back ! And collecting again

I finished recieving all what was pending/shipped and organized some on the shelves so thuaght to share it with you in order to receive your comments and ideas how i can desplay it in other ways

still working on the shelves and will add more below these 2 .. for some more organized figures
the right one is mostly for hand made (there is a Hello kitty frozen there i made it for my daughter  btw )..

And the left one is for purchased i made something using carton to show most of the figures ..

The problem am facing is how to organize them .. i wonder how other collect more than 500 pcs ! How do you show it lol ??
please give me some ideas :)

these will be shifted to the new shelve as it will be more organized .. and once I complete the other starters i will change them with Kalos

in the pictures you will see that am collecting mostly the starters evos and a little from the others .. because i only collect the team i was playing with + all starters .. and in the next stage will be collecting legendries :)

you can see all Eevee Evos there .. and am still working to build/ create special base for it so Charizard there to guard them and lot anyone scape with the assistance of Darkrai ( keep them sleeping) .. and also there are some Sinnoh Pokemon in the back but need organizing ..

i still need a small Treecko ! i need dex figure :( as i already have the Tomy ..but it is big
and also missing meganuim ..

And that Emboar is driving me crazy ! always jumping because of his tail !  

Zukan is so small and i kinda tried to make some pose for them but it still not working .. so this still to be considered WIP (work in progress project ) lol

so now i received all what i purchased for now .. and ready to purchase more :) .. so all tomy and figure seller you are welcome to contact me lol

i also finished my shiny charizard .. and i kinda proud

other than that .. as now i finished playing (story line ) pokemon X .. and almost finished with Pokemon Omega ruby - i purchased the 3ds 2 month ago ..  am working on the pokedex (620 pokemon  for now) it is funny that i have all legendries shiny+ normal .. but some of the pokemon like Sinnoh still not obtained ..

this is the friend code if you still playing or preparing your self like me for sun and moon ..
2982 0071 7015 Meedo  :)
for pokemon X i started for my first time with a water starter which  is froaki ..
and because i already had max IV EV torchic speed boost . i started with mudkip (coz i teach him 4 HM )
and for Sun and Moon .. i think i will choose grass type ..
but in all games .. charizard is always with me .. :)

even pokemon go ! i selected charmander .. then i counterd it in the street
and the next day !

but i ran out of pokeballs lol :( .. i will get it soon :) - praying-

thank you for reading .. miss you all . hope to see your comments and chitchat with you
Tags: charizard, charmander, pokemon
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