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Pokemon Center KYOTO Tour Video + Want for a Friend!

Hey everyone!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the positive comments from my last Pokemon Center tour video of the Mega PC in Tokyo! It really meant a lot to hear how the video helped so many of you imagine what it was like to go; these videos take hours to make so it was very rewarding! I'm sorry for not having time to comment back, I will do that after I post this. Sorry that I'm a little late replying. ^^''

If you missed my last post about the Mega Pokemon Center tour video, here's a link!

Today I'm back with my other Pokemon Center tour video- this time of the Kyoto Pokemon Center that was very recently built! It's much smaller than Tokyo's, but has merchandise still in stock that would be sold out if you visited Tokyo! Also there's lots of the exclusive merchandise of the traditionally dressed Pikachu!

If you have any questions about the video/what items you see in the clips just let me know~

Secondly, one of my good friends is a Spheal collector, and he wants me to ask if anyone has this SPHEAL ZIPPER PULL for sale!!

If you do, let me know your price and include a picture of it for reference!

That's it for now! I'll be back soon to show off my collection of custom Rowlet merchandise before the official stuff starts rolling out in the fall!

Tags: pokecen, spheal
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