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Some awesome new additions :3

Hello community ^3^

I hope all you guys are enjoying Pokemon Go! I know i am. This game is a dream come true ;u;

Today, I'm posting about some amazing additions to my Charizard collection! These two firey dudes cost me quite a bit ^^; but it was definitely worth it! It's been a pretty good summer for my Char-line collection, to say the least! I was able to nab some gems like the Snaptoys Charizard plush and a Charmander PlushPlush, but I'd never imagine owning one of these guys down there!

So you ready to see some awesome, Chary gets??

First up we have a mirage Charmander that I aquired via a Facebook group :D

I couldn't say no to his terrifyingly adorable face!

I'm not too sure of his origins, but the seller seemed to think he came from Greece! Here's the Tush Tag

I've always been intrigued by mirage plush, and I'm super happy to have this little weirdo in my collection ^u^

Next is get number 2~

This guy was an extremely lucky eBay win! I never thought I'd ever see the day when one of these amazing things were up for sale! I've only ever seen pictures of this guy on splash's collection site, but I never thought i'd be able to find one, let alone own one!

TA-DA! The TOMY Charizard Piggy Bank!!

This guy definitely cost me quite a bit, but I couldn't pass him up. This is probably my favorite Charizard 'figure' ever. Just look at how regal he is!

The coins go into his mouth, so it's like feeding him money xD I'll probably be able to save a ton of coins with this guy, so there's an added benefit haha

Here's the plushplush for size! he's pretty massive

If anyone has any more info on this wonderful piece, please do let me know :D I have yet to find any other info besides the fact that he is a 1997 TOMY bank. I'd like to know a bit more about his production and how many were made, if anything. As far as I know, he's super duper rare!</lj>

That's all for now, friends :D

I hope you all have a lovely day/night! And as always, my collection site, wants and sales are below C:

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