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Huge collection & display update! Birthday gets, and sales/claims update *picture heavy*

Hello all!

I have some exciting things to share with you! I've only been a part of this community for a few months, but all of the things I've gotten were stored away in boxes (since I lived with my boyfriend's relatives) which made me super sad :( But, my boyfriend and I bought a house almost a month ago, and I finally got around to unpacking my collection! We have three bedrooms, and one of them is dedicated to my Pokemon collection and our retro video game consoles ^_^ This post will be pretty picture heavy, so I apologize in advance :O Note that you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger!

Welcome to my Pokemon Room! This is the view from the doorway (sorry about the weird lighting in this picture)

When you look to your left, you will see another toy hammock, an adorable shelf, and the world's comfiest chair ^_^

I got this adorable shelf off of craigslist. It's in the shape of a house, and actually has real shingles on top! I'm using it to display all of my figures ^3^

Underneath the house shelf on the floor is an unopened Pokemon Monopoly game:

Here is a better picture of my comfy chair. Alot of my larger plushies are on here, along with a blanket and a few cushions.

If you look up, you will see my Pikachu and Raichu collection! My Shiny Beams Pikachu is missing, since I have to sew his basket back on Dx

On the floor to the right of my chair, I have the limited edition Pokemon Center Pokedoll House that came out a few years ago:

Above that, hanging on the wall is this giant Movie poster! It's really cool. It's actually double-sided, but the opposite side is reversed. I got this beauty on eBay, and surprisingly I got all of the picture frames from AC Moore!

To the right of the movie poster there is another poster, along with a shelf for my Pokedoll figures.

Underneath that is my oddball bookshelf with some other Pokemon that I collect:

Moving to the opposite side of the room, there is my TV stand with an unopened vintage sticky note cube and tin on it:

And on top of my TV is a really cool Eeveelution perler bead incense holder that my best friend made for me <3

Hanging above my TV stand is another toy hammock with my Eeveelutions:

And finally, to the right of that are two more posters:

Phew! Kudos if you made it through the whole post lol xD There are a few small items I don't have displayed yet, like pins and charms, which I have to make a display case for. I am so excited to be able to display everything! I didn't really plan out the layout ahead of time, so I'm really proud of how it turned out ^_^

My birthday was two weeks ago today, and my boyfriend got me these two custom Umbreon plush that I saw on eBay!

They are super cute ^_^ and super soft! They are made out of minky and have machine embroidered eyes! He also got me the legendary Mew TCG box. I was with him and I got to pick the specific box I wanted. I love the Mew card it came with. It's so cute!! This is the first TCG box I've gotten since I was a kid, and I got some amazing cards!

I got a really cute Pikachu card! This one has full art, and is holographic.

I also got a Jolteon EX card! I don't know much about the new trading cards, but this card is really cool looking ^_^

Last, but not least, I got an adorable Raichu card:

I love how I got quite a few cards of the Pokemon I collect! It's like I picked the perfect box lol.

I also got some cards that will be up for sale, since I am very particular about the cards I collect. I will be adding those to my sales page shortly, as I don't want to make this post any longer xD The most exciting card that I'm adding is a Mega Charizard EX card :) Here's the link:

Edit: I have finally updated my sales post with trading cards! I couldn't get to it last night because I was preoccupied with my new kitty :P Also, I made a post last week about claims for the new kuttari charms:
This concerns 4estt, leashedragon, and doryphish333. I am getting two sets from a user on here that lives in the US, so 4estt that means your Mudkip should be arriving soon :) The other sets will be coming from Japan, and I will be placing that order within the next few days. That should arrive around the end of next week or so. I will ask for payment when the charms arrive. It will be $4.50 per charm + PayPal and shipping fees. I estimate the shipping to be $2.45 if I ship in a small bubble envelope.

Thanks so much for reading! I am so excited that I can finally share my whole collection with you guys <3
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