Sam! (aarux) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quick wants

Heya everyone, I'm here with some quick wants. I know some of these are on eBay, but maybe someone here has similar/cheaper prices? Always nice to buy from other comm members.

Forretress merch! I've looked around, seems like all the non-flats it got were regular + clear kids figures, Zukan, Tomy, and suction cup? (Probably won't be able to afford the Tomy or Zukan right now, though.) Possibly interested in cool flats, depends on the pose/art!

Charizard Hasbro Trainer's Choice electronic figure. Used, still working condition (with all parts) is preferred, since it's actually going to be played with. Not wanting to spend more than $30, including shipping.
I may be interested in other toddler-friendly (bigger than kids figures, not brittle/fragile plastic) Charizard figures, too. Let me know if you have any for sale!

Thanks for any help! Here's a random collection pic to make this post less bland.

Tags: wants
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