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Entei Wants

It has come to my attention that in all technicalities, I'm down to missing only THREE (3) Figures for Entei, and unfortunately, these are things I've NEVER seen for sale :C PLEASE help if you see an auction, or item for sale of any of these items!  I want to complete my collection!

Hasbro Thinkchip
Thinkchip Prototype *GRAILIEST OF GRAILS GRAIL* PLEASE message me ASAP if you were to ever come across this. I am offering a $50 finders fee alone!
Yawarka Fuzzy Figure
Yawarkara Fuzzy Figure *GRAIL*

Keshipoke Series 4
Keshipoke Series 4 *GRAIL*
StampFigure Stamp *GRAIL*
Pokeball Collection 6Pokeball Collction 6 Keychain (Masterball Version ONLY) *GRAIL*
Chocolate TinChocolate Tin (HIGH WANT) *GRAIL*
Retsuden Series 8
PC Craft Self Inking Stamps
Buildable Standup

ANY Battrio!
Shiny Battrio

Master Ball BadgeThis specific Master Ball Badge
Metal CoinsAll Metals EXCEPT Silver
Stylus 2010Both Stylus' From 2010
Theater CharmZoroark Movie Theater Charm
Theater Pen3rd Movie Theater Sytulus
Theater Strap3rd Movie Theater Strap
Rubber KeychainRubber Keychain
Banpresto Entei Phonestrap ft Lugia Clip On

As always thanks for looking! All photos from Sacred Field, last photo from ietne.

Plus I have some AMAZING new gets on the way :D
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