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End of Summer Sales! Come and get 'em~

Hello everyone! It's been a while, my collecting has almost slowed to a halt as of late~ Graduating high school and then having to move into my own apartment by the end of the summer is a hoot haha ^^ SO since I'm going to be moving soon I figured it's a good time to try to clear out some sales things before they get packed away until who knows when, take a gander yo!

But since EVERYTHING's getting packed away, including my collections, I figured a one last look around my room was in order!

Firstly my Pokedolls and Rayquaza corner uvu Love these little dudes! Still really proud of my rainbow organization \-u-/
My Rayquazas are already put away at this point though, and instead my 1/1 Totodile and Treecko and custom 1/1 Karrablast gifted by my awesome friend Megan <333 are chillin it up there uou

(Also didn't realize that photo was poo so here's a crisper artistic view of them I took earlier this year *fancy*)

More big quazas!

I had a Palkia figure collection but they got storaged too :c But the Pokedolls are my favorite of the bunch anywho!

My super mega shelf to the left! My baby Karrablasts, Whiscash, Spinda, and Raikou resided here, with my Pelippers and Lotad to the side! Also more Pokedolls but I don't collect Pokedolls I swear ;w;

More dolls up top with my Lugia and Subby plush keeping me company by my computer c: Gonna miss this setup!

And if we look down you'll see my pride and joys, the Aggron line! Also a recent impulse addition, DX Snorlax doll <3 Got him locally at a sale, he's definitely coming to my college apartment with me! He's too squishy xox

One of the collections that's definintely coming back out! Well since I'm taking their shelf haha~ Highlights here are all the clear kids, Groundbreakers Lairon, all the retsuden stampers, and four out of the five Aron metal figures (missing copper!) Only other 3D things that I can remember I'm missing are the European launcher figure, and an Aggron/Lairon/Aron movie die, but I know there's an Aggron settei out there!

but that about wraps it up here! I still miss actively buying here but hey, if anything Aggron or Karrablast pops up that I don't have, or a Rayquaza grail magically appears, you can bet I'll find some way to go for those ;w;
Hope you all have an awesome day/night!
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