Nymphali (roussil) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Do you know if this plush is available somewhere ?

Hi ! How are you all ? I'm in Japan right now and went to the Pokémon Center yesterday ! It was an amazing experience and I got to buy quite a few things ! However, I had no such luck with UFO catchers. I tried several times and spent more than 20 euros trying to catch a Banpresto Eevee, but I'm not very good at it ! However, watching people play was very nice ! More importantly, the Sylveon MOVIE XY & Z Korotto Manmaru plush was nowhere to be found ! I visited multiple Adores and Sega arcades, to no avail. Do you know where this plush is available to purchase, please ? I'm not looking to buy now, however, but rather when I come back. Thank you very much ! EDIT : I caught it myself in an UFO catcher today !! The moment when the claw lifted the plush above the opening was breathtaking !
Tags: sylveon, wants
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