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Reminder - last chance to claim these guys + some BAD news ;-;

Hello guys,

This is just the reminder that it's your last chance to pre-order these guys from me, click on the pic to be transported to claims posts!

Mega Pikachu poncho figures vol. 2: CLICK

Candy get figures 19th Movie ver: CLICK
Today is the last day I'm taking pre-orders for these!


Also I have some bad news about Choco-egg figures vol. 2 - I probably won't be able to get them for you guys ;-;
I'm really sorry about that and I hope that you'll menage to get them from some other source!
If something's change and I'll be able to get them I will let you know asap!

Tagging people who claimed choco-egg figs from me:

1. manectric
2. sugarysoda
3. buymysnakeoil
4. doryphish333
5. yuwaku_kun
6. wobbuwhit
7. deranged_girl
8. syminka
9. jarshaarashi
10. lunarchik13
11. clicky797
12. giratina
13. tatsumikurosaki
14. slothyshroom
15. diamondphantom
16. pokewomon
17. muttmix
18. erikiteru
19. eeveeboo_2
20. mightyena_mad_7
21. bloohyena
22. kellienm

Sorry and thanks in advance for understaning guys ;-; that's the first time I'm unable to get something for you and that makes me really sad haha DX especially since a lot of you claimed figures from me... ;-;I hope that'd be the first and only time that something like this happens.


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
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