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Permanent sales post! Plush + figures

Hey guys! I'm finally working on remaking my sales post, so today I'm bringing the plush + figures part c:  I've taken completely new photos, added new plush and figures, and reduced the price of some stuff. I also have two new helpers that will help me announce my sales post updates from now on - Pikipek and Mienfoo! My former banner's Smeargle is now figuring out his schedule so that he can pose for my flats and custom art commissions banner, which will come together with the other half of my sales post very soon ^_^
Sales rules/info:

  • My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on September 20th, 2014. My feedback can be found here. All PKMN Collectors rules apply.

  • I ship from Spain and I ship internationally. I usually ship within 1-2 days. Given price quotes are for regular shipping - tracked shipping is also available for 3USD extra. I won't be responsible for lost or damaged items that didn't have a tracking number.

  • All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food.

  • All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees. I only accept PayPal. Please don't forget to send your payment as "Goods" and state your username and what you bought in the memo!

  • Commitments get priority over quotes. I will only hold an item if you're 100% committed.

  • I do accept trades or partial trades for things in my wants list, as long as you've got 10 or more feedback - if not, your item(s) should arrive before I send mine out.

MIP Kid figures. 3USD each
Regirock, Pichu, Ninetales, Sandshrew, Clefairy, Igglybuff, Ninjask, Ralts, Treecko, Mudkip, Muk, Cacturne, Manectric, Deoxys-Speed, Munchlax, Clamperl, Gorebyss, Castform (Sun), Sealeo, Snorunt, Hariyama, Shelgon, Masquerain, Banette

Kid figures. 2USD each.
* = damaged. 1USD each
Machamp, Cubone*, Raticate*, Dragonite*, Iris's Dragonite, Articuno, Jynx (red), Jynx (orange), Jynx (attack), Machop, Wartortle*, Diglett*, Diglett*, Pikachu, Electabuzz, Exeggcutor, Exeggcutor*, Seel*, Omastar*, Lickitung, Chansey, Farfetch'd*

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Sunflora, Togetic, Celebi, Celebi, Crobat, Pineco, Togepi, Smoochum, Unown, Donphan

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Tropius, Combusken, Marshtomp 1, Marshtomp 2, Registeel, Dustox, Shiftry, Plusle, Minun, Minun, Swellow, Roselia, Jirachi, Deoxys Normal, Walrein, Castform, Glalie

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Lopunny, Buneary 1, Buneary 2, Chatot 1, Chatot 2, Piplup 1, Piplup 2, Chimchar 1, Chimchar 2, Shellos (East), Budew, Cherrim, Cherrim, Happiny, Mantyke

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Palkia, Palkia, Dialga 1, Dialga 2, Yanmega, Regigigas, Manaphy, Phione, Bronzong, Bronzong, Bronzor, Mismagius, Drifblim, Luxio, Honchkrow, Roserade, Togekiss, Kricketune

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Darmanitan, Seismitoad, Palpitoad, Vanilluuxe, Beheeyem, Deerling (Summer), Axew, Axew, Pignite, Foonguss, Amoonguss, Sawk, Throh, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Woobat, Venipede, Scraggy, Pidove, Tranquill

Kid figures. 2USD each.
Zekrom, Zekrom, Thundurus Incarnate, Landorus Incarnate, Kling, Klang, Klinklang, Durant, Meloetta, Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Dwebble, Cofagrigus, Bouffalant, Timburr, Gurdurr, Conkeldurr, Escavalier

Clear Kid figures. All damaged except Keldeo. 1USD each
Mew, Charizard, Psyduck, Rhyhorn, Oddish, Poliwhirl, Eevee, Wigglytuff
Keldeo - great condition. 2USD

DX Kid figures. 3USD each.
Shaymin Sky, Shaymin Land, Batiodon, Garchomp, Suicune, Darkrai, Cresselia, Heatran, Lickilicky, Gallade

DX Kid figures. Some paint scratches. 2USD each.
Palkia, Palkia, Snorlax, Snorlax, Torterra, Torterra, Infernape, Infernape, Empoleon, Empoleon

Sukui doll figures. 1USD each.
Snivy, Snivy, Snivy, Zekrom, Zekrom, Reshiram, Tepig, Tepig, Tepig, Tepig, Tepig

Tomy figures. 5USD each.
Palkia, Jirachi, Munchlax, Blastoise, Salamence, Mudkip
Suicune zukan. No pegs. 6USD.
Linoone zukan. 10USD
Grovyle zukan. Lacking one arm. 5USD.
Growlithe zukan. 25USD OBO.

Mewtwo figure. 5USD.
Sky Shaymin figure. Marks behind left ear. 2USD.
Land Shaymin keychain. No ring. 2USD.

Electivire figure. No horns or tail. 1USD.
Marill figure. Some scratches. 1USD.
Jessie Kyun Chara. 10USD.
Eevee PokéDoll figure. 7USD.

Pikachu stress doll keychain. MIP. 5USD.
Diancie figures. 1USD each.
Shaymin wheeled figure. Damaged. 0.5USD or free with purchase.
Sunflora attack figure. 2USD.
Lickilicky candy figure. 1USD.
Mewtwo figure with base. 3USD.
Cyndaquil, Chimchar and Munchlax Chou Get figures. 2USD each one.
Kyogre Pokéball figure. 2USD.
Pancham Chocoball figure. 3USD.
Mime Jr. PokéDoll figures. 4USD each one. (1 gone)
Seedot pencil topper. 1USD.
Tepig strap. 1USD.
Groudon Minicot. 10USD OBO.
Kaiyodo Manaphy figure. 2USD.
Miscellaneous figures. 1.5USD each.
* = damaged. 0.5USD each or free with purchase
Charmander, Pikachu, Shieldon, Probopass, Hariyama, Snorlax, Munchlax (Chou Get), Munchlax (ring), Regice*, Manectric, Farfetch'd, Dialga.

In-case figures without case. 1USD each.
Aerodactyl, Kadabra, Lapras, Moltres, Kangaskhan, Oddish, Parasect, Hitmonchan, Nidorina, Lickitung, Togepi, Pikachu, Cloyster.

Suction cup figures. 3USD each. Darkrai, Pikachu, Piloswine.
Transparent model figures. 1USD each.
* = damaged. 0.5USD each or free with purchase
Bulbasaur (green), Ivysaur (lime), Ivysaur (blue), Charmander (red), Charmeleon (blue), Charizard* (red), Wartortle (blue), Seel (blue), Psyduck (blue) - not pictured: Eevee (blue), Geodude (red)

Glaceon plush. TTO. 15USD
Diancie plush. TT+strap. 13USD

Spiky-eared Pichu plush. TT+strap. 13USD
Minun plush. TT+strap. 13USD

Pichu PlushPlush - TTO, great condition, comes with Pokémon Center bag. 95USD

Pokkén Tournament Pikachu towel. 8USD
Furfrou MPC - TT+strap. 10USD
Pikachu - TTO. 3USD each
Snivy strap - MWT. 4USD
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