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Handmade Lucario Cosplay!!

Hello everyone! I have been silent about this (not so) little project I was commissioned to make for fellow LJ user.. splash ! As some of you know I am a fursuit maker and they have given me the opportunity to bring a Pokemon to life for them!

As the title says, it is a Lucario!

Look under the cut for more pictures and information on this fella!

Here are the larger photos for you all:

I have been making costumes for over 6 years now but this was my very first Pokemon AND my very first time making a full body costume! Not only was that fact alone hard to tackle at first but making a costume that was all short pile fabric was an adventure for sure.

I dont think I will take more Pokemon cosplay commissions for a while to let myself rest (it was very difficult indeed!) but I am glad I did it! It was fun and I love the results. I hope that Splash will too!

For anyone that wants to keep up with my costume work then I have multiple websites that you can check out!

Official Website:

I hope you all like him!!


Tags: custom, lucario
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