abailie (abailie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A new collection appears! Also recent gets and questions on a Raichu

Hi my name's Abailie and I've been a collector here for a while but I don't post terribly often but I had a few things I wanted to share. So I absolutely love the Kuttari line from the Pokemon Center as well as the jumbo sleeping plush and before I knew it I was collecting sleeping/laying Pokemon, which makes perfect sense because sleeping is one of my favorite pass times. I love how easily the Kuttaris stack and how the recent banpresto laying Raichu just blends in so easily with them. (He's like their king) I keep all of them on top of the headboard of my bed because, you know they're perfect there. Worth noting though in the picture that the Typhlosion, Weavile, Treeko, and Shinx are all not Kuttari. The Typhlosion is from Pokebox (it's a great plush btw) the Weavile and Shinx are Tomys and I believe the Treeko is from hasbro during the advance generation. I do hope that the Pokemon Center starts carrying the other Kuttari waves soon.

I also recently got the New Raichu from the Banpresto I <3 Pikachu + and frankly I was a little confused by it. I noticed it's arms were strangely long and that it was a more vibrant yellow than the other Raichus from the set. Typically the I love plush tend to lean more toward the pastel colors. What confuses me the most though it has all of the right tags, and other than the color it's a great quality which makes me hesitate to think it's a bootleg. I also didn't buy it from China I got it from a California based seller on eBay with very good feedback. I was wondering if anybody else had this plush and noticed the same things?
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