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ebay auctions - Heracross UFO, Cresselia UFO, Togekiss UFO + more!

Hey guys! I'm here again with some updated auctions, this time through ebay to make things a bit easier for me ^^

Putting a few up here with direct links to their auctions, as I actually have a few rare plushies here, and I want to make sure that those looking for them don't miss out!

My Ebay Items: Click Here!

Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo.

Banpresto Heracross UFO MWT

Banpresto Cresselia UFO MWT

Banpresto Togekiss UFO MWT

Banpresto Halloween Glameow MWT

Also there's a lot more already listed, including shimmery Shinx and Luxray DX UFOs, both the DX and standard sizes of Banpresto Yawarakai Charmander plushies, the 2010 Banpresto Dragonite UFO, Banpresto 2005 Giggling Mew UFO, Banpresto Korotto Manmaru Ampharos and Raikou UFOs, tons of other Banpresto plushies and keychains. Plus some backpacks, and figures and all sorts of stuff. Please do keep checking back. Daily I am adding more and more, listed as soon as I have a picture and have done some pricing research into each item. If I give up on finding info, I'll just list them low and hope they sell for any price. I need space so I can display my beloved collection! ^_^

If you win something and want to wait to see if you win anything else, please private message me through ebay and let me know. I'm always happy to combine postage, but I do like to know you're waiting and not just a slow payer haha. Also, the international postage shown is likely to be off by some degree. Postage of 500g to the USA came to £12.45 GBP for example, and that covers a few plushies in one package. If you want to offer me a BIN offer, I am open to it, so long as the item has no bids already.

Remember to check back every day to see what gets added!
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