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More Tomy verification, please

Hey, it's the rhinobunny enthusiast again! I plan to soon make a re-introduction post and collection update all in one, but first-another Tomy question!

I have from my original time here in the comm, a Nidomale, Nidofemale, and Nidorina (And Nidorino) Tomy. However, I fear all but Nidorina are fake! So, I come to you in the aid that you can confirm and/or alleviate my fears!
I didn't pay a whole heck of a lot for these guys, but they did all come from this community...


First, the young Nidorans. As their labeling/trademarks aren't stamped but raised, I'm 99% sure these guys are booties.

(Click any following photo for larger shot!)

Onto Nidorino, whom I took the most photos of because naturally he's my favorite and the one I'm worried most about-
From the research I've done, he has several marks against him-incorrect spots, incorrect seam, there's no stamping/outlining where his spots are on his body...
Are nidorino Tomys supposed to be a more matte or glossy finish? Because he's fairly matte and I've seen photos of both...

Next up is the one who seems to be legit! I like Nidorina a bit, she's the yin to Nidorino's yang, I suppose!

Finally, I'm going to finish up with two birds. I hope these guys are real too, because I do have a small side collection of birds and actually want legit Tomys for them. The nido line doesn't matter to me (with the exception of Nidorino) but these guys do!!

All help is greatly appreciated; and thank you for reading!

For a sneak peek of my collection...

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