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MORE Auctions + Pokebox Glaceon Charm + Banpresto Luxio FS

Well, I managed to hit my ebay selling limit with all the auctions I have been listing over the last few days. So there are 100 auctions, 93 of which are Pokemon! I couldn't possibly list everything I have put up for sale, so here's a teaser~

Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo. Ebay auctions link here.

I have put up the majority of my canvas plush collection, some Shinx line collections, rare singing keychains, some old Banpresto UFOs, some I Heart Gothic/Marine/Pikachu lines, Christmas plush, Halloween plush, 3 working talking plushies, pokedolls and lots more.

And that's just one of the boxes. Some items haven't got an auction up yet. As I said. I hit my selling limit. So if you see something you like that isn't listed, you can ask me and see if we can come to an agreement now, or wait until August and see if it get's listed at the begining of the new selling cycle.

A few people expressed to me that they were interested in non-trackable shipping for lower cost. The short answer, is that yes, I can do non-tracked shipping which usually works out about half price. However, this is only for pkmncollectors community members, is at YOUR own risk, and I won't be able to refund you if the worst happens. I've never had a package go missing before as far as I remember, but there's a first time for everything. With an estimate that a pokedoll sized plush weighs under 200g in a padded envelope, you can work out a rough estimate to your country here. If you are a pkmncollectors community member that wishes to bid and take advantage of this cheaper shipping, ask in this thread or in a private message through ebay.

Also, I wanted to offer these items below directly to pkmncollectors members.

○ All prices are in pounds (GBP) and do not include shipping.
○ Items shipped from the UK. All items are sent signed for, as per paypals seller protection.
○ I am willing to send non-tracked and insured now if the buyer wishes to save money. Ask about it, but it at the buyers risk.
○ Paypal only.
○ No trades please! I can't collect right now :'(
○ Priority goes to the person that says they are committed to the purchase first, not to the first that asks for a quote. Failure to pay within 48 hours of committment will result in negative feedback.
○ Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo.
Feedback link here.

MIP Glaceon Pokebox Charm
From the very first wave. I managed to end up with an extra of Glaceon. Not completely sure what these are selling for these days, so it is also on offer with the items below.

More pics: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Banpresto Rolly Round Luxray UFO
He does not have his hang tag or his tush tag, or his UFO string. They were removed by the previous owner. If memory serves I believe I got this guy from a Y!J lot. He is absolutely adorable, and I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you guys how rare he is. He'd been living in a cardboard box for the past two years, almost. Seems a shame when I am certain he is somebody's grail. I'm not sure what to ask for him since he does come up so rarely, so I'll be taking offers below.

Deoxys Pokedoll Metal Strap
I have no idea of the history of this thing or how rare it is or what I should sell it for. I've never seen another one around. I got it in a lot of pokemon stuff on Y!J and wasn't even expecting it in the pile of things. Offers thread below.

All offers for the above items are ending in 3 days time from this post. 1am GMT 31st July. Countdown timer here.
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