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My First Sales Post! Pokedolls and more!!!

HI!, this is my first sales post. Hoping to give these guys a new home with a loving owner! These are just a few to start off. I have some rare pluhsies, a pokebox milotic, and eeveelution pokedolls! Come by and take a look!

Sales Policies
My Feedback : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/michmell/
-Sales permission granted by areica96 on July 23rd, 2016
-All community rules apply.
-First come, first serve basis
-All prices are in USD, Only accept PayPal and Concealed Cash (requires tracking, not responsible of lost)
-Prices do not include fees and shipping
-I have one CAT and one DOG!
-Will not sell to banned members
-Haggling is okay, if my prices are too high. (Please understand I can decline for any reason)
-Commitments take priority over quotes. (Please be clear whether you are asking for a quote or commitment! EX: “ I’ll take it” or “ I’ll buy” )
-Backing out of a commitment will result in a negative feedback.
-Please leave your LiveJournal name and the items you bought when paying.
-I reserve the right to refuse a sale to any person for any reason.
-I try to reuse shipping material, if not, there will be a fee.
-Ships from Virginia. USA
-Shipping is not included in the price.
-Currently only ship in the US.
-I am open to trades for more plushies
- Shipping can take up to a week, I will notify you when I have shipped the item
- I am not responsible for any items once it has been shipped.
Lugia (No tags, loved) -$30
Mew (TTO) -$30
Snover (TTO) -$50
Latias (TTO)
Squirtle (TTO) -$30
Minun (All tags, hang tag is pretty beat) -$18
Plusle (All tags, hang tag is pretty beat) -$18
JP Flaron (All tags, hang tag has some bend) -$30
JP Sylveon (All tags) -$30
JP Minky Leafeon (All tags, hang tag has some bend) -$40
Vaporeon (No tags, loved) -$20
Flareon (No tags, tail is coming off, loved) -$15
Jolteon (No tags, loved) -$25
Minky Espeon (TTO) -$40
Minky Glaceon (TTO) -$40
Umbreon (TTO) -$50
Eevee (TTO) -$20
US Pikachu (All tags, from black & white) -$18
Minky Piplup (TTO) -$20
US Mudkip (TTO, loved)
Eevee, Leafeon -$12
Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon -$15
Umbreon -$20
Sylveon (TTO, clasp has some wear) -$35
Large Eevee walky (Hang tag detached) -$30
Trump motif Glaceon (TTO) -$15
Umbreon canvas (TTO) -$50
Umbreon awake JP (TTO) -$12
Espeon awake JP (All tags) -$16
Leafeon tomy (TTO) -$50
PokeBox Milotic (MWT)
Togepi tomy kutta (TTO) -$30
Tags: eeveelution, pokeball, sales
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