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Pokemon Get Collections Candy "Bakuretsu no Volcanion Hen" 10 Pack BOX (CANDY TOY) - Payment 2 Due!

Hello everybody! To those of you that participated in my Group Buy for the Candy Figures, I just received an email from AmiAmi saying that they are in and awaiting payment!

Shipping was around $20.00, so I figured (lol I did it again) since there are 10 figures in the set, payment 2 to ship from Japan to me would just be $2.00 per figure you reserved.

I have everybody marked down for the following figures:

Myself: Gengar & Mega Gengar - $4.00
spunkybandy: Mega Glalie - $2.00 Payment 2 Received
salamence646: Mega Salamence - $2.00 Payment 2 Received
mixie94: Mega Banette - $2.00 Payment 2 Received
m14mouse: Shiny Gardevoir & Shiny Mega Gardevoir - $4.00 Payment 2 Received
manectric: Ash-Greninja - $2.00 Payment 2 Received

Since nobody claimed the Pikachu or Volcanion figures, I'll just cover the shipping for those two as well and possibly try to resell them later.

Payment 3 will cover the cost for me to ship the figures from myself to you, and will be due once I have received the order. I'll make another post at that time and let you know what individual shipping costs will be.

Please send me Payment 2, at the amounts listed above, as soon as possible to I've already received Payment 1 from each of you, but you will not receive your figure until I have also received Payments 2 and, eventually, 3.

Thanks again for participating in my Group Buy!

Also, just in case I need to have this posted here as well, my selling credentials:

General Sales Rules
- Sales permission granted on March 20, 2015 by areica96
- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
- Feedback link:
- Will not sell to non-members/banned members
- Will only accept USD through PayPal as payment
- Orders WILL NOT SHIP until full payment is received

UPDATE: I just got the email this morning saying that the order has shipped. It should be arriving within a week, so be expecting Payment 3 pretty soon.

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