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Just thought I'd show of some of my recent (and not so recent, but still awesome!) gets!

Look at Arcanine. Look at him and observe how impossibly fluffy and snuggly he is. I cannot stop loving on him. Also, he enjoys breakfast. Thanks to kumatora for this super adorable guy!


MY PRECIOUS BEAUTIFUL CHILD!!!!!!! he is the happiest baby, adventuring out on his trusty Girafarig. I love the Little Tales promo, from the styling of the plush, to the fabric, all of it. I almost cried when I saw my Mimey got a new plush release after so long. thank you so much to kriscarmi for selling this treasure to me!

Then there's THIS derpy dude! Derpachu 2.0 since I also have the Rainbow series Dittochu that's been a buddy of mine since a little after I joined the comm. Bought off a very nice eBay seller. I swear I don't collect Pikachu but somehow they keep making adorable plush of it that just finds its way to my apartment.

Finally, my newest gets from the Pokemon Center website!! I decided to spoil myself since I've been eyeing these babies for so long, and Halloween has been on my brain. I adore Pumpkaboo, and this plush is perfectly fat and cuddly. And I love the way they did the gems on Sableye; plus, it was one of my favorite mons when I played the GBA Sapphire. It's also a really nice, cuddly size. They're spooky BFFs.

I also will be having a super exciting custom get coming in a little while!! But for now, Pokemon GO and work has been consuming my life. I hope everyone has been having a great summer and has been staying cool. Snuggle your Pokebabies extra for me!
Tags: arcanine, gets, mime jr., pikachu, plush, pumpkaboo, sableye
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