noctowl (noctowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

you got stuff? i got money!

(apparently all i ever post here now is wanting to buy stuff.. oh well! i've been planning on doing a re-intro soon tho)

so here's what i'm after;

  • stuff of hoothoot and noctowl! you can see my wants page on my site -> but anything with hoothoot and noctowl is always wanted (literally anything, if it has the owls on it, i want it)

  • rowlet things! i don't have any atm so please offer if you do have any merch (idk if there is any merch yet lmao?)

  • keychains (plastic, metal, plush etc)

  • charms

  • pins and (can) badges

  • cell phone charms

  • pan stickers (in order of preference: gen2 > gen4 > gen3 > gen1/5/6)

be sure you can ship to FINLAND! thanks and have a good night ;3
Tags: wants
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