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Plush and TFG lot for sale!

Hey everyone! Been a long time! Zefiru here! One of the resident Kaiyodo figure collectors. Although this post isn't about Pokemon Kaiyodo figs haha. But that will come very soon. :P
Anyway, I have some stuff that I really want to sell. I need extra money since I took a break from work for 2 months haha. I've posted the lots on eBay hoping to be able to sell them and ship them in one go. One lot contains plushes and another one containing trading figures!

If there's enough interest in individual sale then I may split the lot. Kindly comment so I can take note. :) I'm also open to trades. Mostly looking for figures like the Garbodor and Hydreigon Waza Museum figures. I'm also interested in GEM figures and the nendoroid Champion Red (although I'm only after the evolved starters hehe). I'm willing to add cash to even up the trade.

For everyone's info, my sales permision was granted by denkimouse way back in June 13, 2010. Also I shall post my sales notes for reference.


  • I ship from the Philippines. Prices do not include shipping or fees.

  • I am not responsible for any lost items/packages. Once I shipped the items, they are no longer within my control. Buyers can avail of tracking numbers for an additional of $3.

  • I only accept PayPal: neogenesis07@yahoo.com

  • I will try to mail the items within the week but do allow delays as I have work and studies.

  • Shipping can be combined.

  • I reserve the right to stop the auctions/offers due to personal reasons.

  • Feedback post is here.

Shipping Prices:
Note that these are not the final shipping prices. They are for general reference. Please be guided accordingly.

  • $80 1501-2000g

  • $60 1001-1500g

  • $40 501-1000g

  • $20 251-500g

  • $10 101-250g

  • $5 51-100g

  • $4 21-50g

  • $3 20g or less

With all that out of the way, here are the lots! You can click the images to get transported to the eBay page. Thanks everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

Tags: clefairy, entei, flaaffy, golbat, meowth, mew, mudkip, pikachu, piplup, plush, quagsire, raikou, spinarak, squirtle, squritle, weavile, zoroark
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