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Tons of gets and a zukan want

Hello community. Recently I've had a surplus of funds, so i figured why not get some wants? Found a lot of items that I am eager to receive!

Rayquaza zukan from Y!J. It has the wrong base, but I don't rlly care. I only need one more zukan to go, and that's actually the one on my wants list for this journal. I found one in a lot on Y!J, but the seller never replied after 4 days and FJ returned my money kjcvhkjffg

I don't remember if I mentioned this one in my last journal, but it's the european zukan. Obtained from Absol

Rayquaza battle collessium diorama figure. I really like this one, and I would like the white cloud base one in the future. Obtained on Y!J

Battle pose tomy. Obtained in a lot on Y!J.

They will be going into my sales once I receive them. Except for Moltres, I may keep him.

bath salt figure from splash

Quaza pikachu from ku_bek

Thinkchip+ from eBay

This one is actually interesting. I purchased this lot just for the figure

Turns out its from this set that I wanted

but the set was too pricey for just Rayquaza. What luck! The lot also came with a lunchbox like thing. I'm really curious about that Latios gacha machine! I never knew one existed. I wonder how much they go for? I'm tempted to keep the Torchic one for my Blaziken line side collection. It's a bummer that the Kyogre one is missing the Kyogre figure on top. I hope to get a Rayquaza one in the future, since it's not in my top wants.

Bottle cap from splash

Kid from Splash

Kid from a comm member on here. I forgot your username fgkhkdhffd

I finally got new Gira merch, too. It's been a while and it feels good man

Altered forme pokeball thing. I knew about the origin forme from AmberTDD, but never knew this one existed. I have yet to find the origin forme. Obtained on Y!J

Pearly altered BP. I have the origin version of this. I was so excited when I found this one

Now for the zukan I want! It doesn't need the base, but I would prefer it with the base.

I know this one is one of the more rare ones. I can offer anything between $30 and $70 without shipping. It's incredibly similar to the european one (which is really stupid), but this one has a hole on the bottom for the peg as you can see! It's the last one I need of Rayquaza. Images are not mine.

I also have stuff up on eBay that still need homes. I have two huge lots up, but I'm just trying to clear inventory so it makes my next move a million times easier.
Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96

bonus floaty pic~

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