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Metal Figure Sales

Hi all! I was unfortunately unable to work out much (a partial refund was all the seller offered) in compensation for the metal figure mix-up, so I'm selling off the ones that I got to try to recoup some of the costs.

(*) Permission granted by lineaalba in 2009. Feedback page is currently down (yes, we are aware of the issue and are working to to restore the page), but here is my eBay feedback if you have never bought from me before and want some reassurance. :)
(*) At this time I am ONLY shipping to the US.
(*) Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING. DO NOT ASK FOR QUOTE. If you ask for a quote, you will be ignored. :(
(*) I may take up to 2 weeks to ship. It's unlikely to take that long, but just as a disclaimer.
(*) You can click on the photos for [significantly] larger images.


1st figure is $5 shipped.
Each additional figure is a flat +$2. No extra shipping or fees.

Please comment like this:

I would like the Blue Caterpie and the Green Togepi, for a total of $7.

Additional photos under the cut.

Thanks all! Have a good day!

Tags: sales
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