catheriner998 (catheriner998) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New jewellery and gets! (grail!!!!!!)

Hi everyone!!! :)

So I have finally finished some jewellery that has been sat in my room half finished for some time.

They are carbink and dragonair! I am keeping the ones shown to wear myself (tee hee!) but if anyone would like to buy one of these pendants, I can make them again as soon as my equipement is back from being repaired (I'm sending it off tomorrow, so I'm expecting it back in a week-ish). For me to make you a dragonair it is £40 english pounds + postage and Carbink is £60 english pounds + postage (carbink is bigger and also he is much more arkward to polish!). I can make them in bronze if you wish, which is gold in colour. Please remember that these are handmade and every piece will differ slightly!

And in other news, I have some gorgeous gets including a grail!!!!

First I have the ADORABLE Pikachu Peninsula bell boy plush who I won in an auction from chris_techno25. I totally love it!!!! His little gold buttons are so cute :3

Next is the Pikachu and Friends Bath Towel, which now has me seriously excited to have a shower each day XD It so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally....... GRAIL!

It is the Pokemon Petit backpack that I bought from vulpes_canis! I have wanted this bag for at least a year and I was so happy when vulpes replied to my wants list saying they had the bag. Its perfect for keeping my things in when I'm off out hunting pokemon!!

I also got some really super cute pokemon stickers which I haven't had time to scan yet, but I will be scanning them soon so you can see!

Best wishes! :D
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