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LF: Mew plush!

So after three years away from collecting I've gotten bitten by the collecting bug again (I'm already waiting on three packages hehe), I blame it on having to pack up and move my Mew collection LOL. So there's a few specific Mew plushes I'm looking for, but I'm also looking for Mew plushes in general! Anything I don't have that catches my eye, so let me know what you've got. I do prefer MWT, but depending on the plush itself I will look at anything in good condition.

Major grail wants: aka I will love you forever/pay you ridiculously if you have one to sell
Fuzzy Pokemon Center Mew
1:1 Talking Mew (HUGE bonus if the voice box works!)
Huge Tomy Mew

Yawarakai Mew
Mew Pokedoll
Fluffy Laying Tomy Mew
Tomy AG Mew
Minky Mew Pokedoll
I Love Mew Large Sitting Mew
I Love Mew Large/DX Laying Mew
I Love Mew Small (6.5") Sitting Mew
I Love Mew Small (6.5") Laying Mew
I Love Mew small (6.5") sitting/giggling Mew

Other looking fors:
I Love Mew small (6.5") standing plush

After I get my Mew collection unpacked and set up I will post a reintroduction/introduction post
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