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Pokemon gets: Tomy 20th, Kyogre GBA SP, Cresselia Pokedoll, + more!

Hey! Today I'd like to share a few recent Pokemon gets, including some brand new Tomy figures! As Dr. Steve Brule says, let's "Check it Out" !
(click for full size)

The new Tomy figures were Mega Sableye, Pikachu + Hoopa, and Meowth (attack pose) + Pancham (attack pose), and were $5.99 each. The new wave also included a repack of the Hawlucha from the first wave. I also picked up the titan figures of Groudon and Kyogre for $19.99 each. Everything here was bought at Fry's electronics.

Next is the 20th anniversary Target exclusive Pikachu, and Cresselia pokedoll. I wasn't planning on getting this Pikachu, but it was too cute to resist! (I already had the TRU exclusive version) I won Cresselia in an auction here recently. I'm so glad to finally have one MWT, hopefully I'll have the UFO plush soon to go with it!

I got this a few days ago.... a limited edition Kyogre Gameboy advance SP ! It even has the matching Pokemon Center case! I've wanted this for so long, its an awesome feeling to finally own one!

I just got another copy of Heartgold with the pokewalker! I have a Pikachu/Pichu Gameboy Color on the way for the original Gold version! I finally decided to start buying all the limited edition systems I've been wanting. lol

I've been casually collecting Duskull, here's my new Zukan from a trade!

I got the newest PC Vaporeon, I love the new pose!

After replaying Alpha Sapphire, I decided I needed my cosplay Pikachu.... which happened to be the pink one. lol

Thanks for looking! Have a great day/night!
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