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Community appreciation post / Old gets

After seeing all the sales posts recently, I thought a gets post would change things up a little. :) If anyone wishes to be un-tagged I will edit the post.


Battrio Score Card from iamconfused1. Page sized, just about, made of plastic. Has stats and things on the reverse side. Look at that fierce Poochyena!


Poochyena and Mightyena Postcard from absol. Postcards are LOVE. :D


Holo Poochyena square and Poochyena stamp from clicky797. The rest too, I think. Love the sparkly point on Poochy's nose.

I believe these are known as Cardass cards. I know I bought at least one here on the comm, the other on eBay. I forget who! Sorry, but thank you. :)


PokeDex and Comic book pages from dwnshadylane, helloskitty and haepbrosonearth.

I love these flats so much! The color is really vibrant on all of them. That becomes very important when your Pokemon is basically different shades of gray! :P Someday I hope to learn Japanese to know whatMeowth's text box on Poochyena's page says, and Professor Oak's text box on Mightyena's page.

These are old purchases from here at the beginning of the year, before I started doing regular gets posts to show off new things to my Poochyena and Mightyena collection. I greatly appreciate the PkmnCollectors community for the diversity of people on here that all love Pokemon. It really, absolutely, positively puts the World Wide in the phrase the "world wide web." As we all know it, those three "w" letters that start at all HTML links.
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