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Custom 2.5D Figurines Commissions Are Now Available! + August Free Stickers!

EDIT: Commissions are now closed for this month! They will reopened on September 1st with a brand new set of stickers, stay tuned!
You can reserve a slot for next month although!

After three years of experience in handmade keychains commissions finally there’s a brand new type of custom crafts available
for worldwide orders: 2.5D figurines!
But what's a 2.5D figurine you may ask?

It’s a mini sculpture that contains several layers (usually 5) of thin and thick sponge EVA in different parts of the body, granting a more defining and creative perspective! As it breaks the two-dimensional wall (2D) but it’s not fully dimensional (3D) it is called a 2.5D figurine!

The Rules:

  1. You may request ANY character you would like from any franchise, including personal original characters! There’s NO limits in that regard. Pokemon, digimon, gemsonas, ponies, sonics, humans, mechas, robots, furries, etc!

  2. References pictures if original characters are required, please!

  3. The buyer may suggest which kind of pose would like for the figurine. I shall grant it with strict precision and only advance to the making after their approval!

  4. Payment via paypal only!


$20 - $25
15 cm tall (roughly 5,90 inches, A6 paper size), very light and the supporting piece is removable.
Prices depends of its complexity ($20 if a simple design, $25 if a detailed design)

These first two figurines are examples of simple designs while those who require more effort such as Genesect and Colress shall be classified as detailed designs.

Two separate figurines interacting each the other can be granted as long they get their own base piece!


Half of the size of the regular figurines (7.5 cm tall, roughly 2.9 inches), can only contain 3 layers of thin sponge.
Only simple designs are possible or very chibified versions.
Good to create cute interaction sets (such as the two white lion yo-kais above) or a mini collection.

Until now, every keychain commission contained the original sketches as free offer for the purchase. But now there’s more to give away!
From now on, every month will count an exclusive set of three stickers to offer! Starting in the first day of the next month, a brand new trio of stickers will be presented!
These are the three stickers to be distributed during August!

So your order may receive these offers if...

    • One 2.5D figurine (simple/detailed design): 1 Salandit Sticker + Original Sketch + Worldwide shipment fee for only $3

    • One 2.5D figurine (simple design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Two Mini 2.5D figurines: 1 Salandit Sticker + 1 Mimikyu Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment!!

    • Two 2.5D figurines or One 2.5D figurine (detailed design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Three Mini 2.5 figurines or any order with total amount starting $40: 1 Salandit Sticker + 1 Mimikyu Sticker + 1 Legendary GO Teams Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment

    • Three 2.5D figurines or Four Mini 2.5D figurines or any order with total amount starting $60: All freebies above plus ONE SURPRISE! (the bigger depending the generosity!)

    And that's it! Please comment if interested and I shall provide the next instructions for a quick and safe commission ;)

    I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
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