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Rei's intro post!

Hello everyone! I'm a new member, so this is my introductory post.
You can call me Rei! I live in Singapore and have been a Pokemon fan for quite a while. My favourite Pokemon is Absol. I do have a collection of misc merch, but it is a rather small one, since I was only limited to buying locally. I recently made a paypal tough, so now it's time to buy everything muhehehe >:3

I decided to arrange the according to their evolutionary lines! The Eevees are just something I accumulated tough. I love Eevees, who doesn't? Though the sheer ammount of merch they have kinda scares me, I don't think I will be collecting them OTL.

Anyway, my main collection will be Absol of course! I love foxes, so I am considering collecting the fox pokemon as my sides!
My potential collection list:
•Mega/Absol - Disaster Pokemon
•Vulpix/Ninetales - Fox Pokemon
•Zorua/Zoroark - Tricky/Illusion Fox Pokemkn
•Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox - Fox Pokemon

I might also collect Shinx/Luxio/Luxray on the side, meaning I'll possibly
have one main collection and 4 sides!

I am still currently deciciding on how many collections I want, so if someone can give me an opinion it would be great!

♢How many main and side collections do you have?

♢Would you purchase merchandise of other pokemon you like, yet do not specifically collect?

♢If you favor a certain pokemon of an evolution line and wish to have a complete collection of them, would you want to have a complete collection of it's pre-evolutions as well? Especially if it's pre-evolution has more merch compared to your favourite stage? [ Ex : Kalos starters merch vs final form merch for Delphox ]

I'd like to know this because i don't want to end up with too many side collections and no money, so please let me know! °^°

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope I can find some cool merch and meet some people ;w;


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