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Pokemon 20th Anniversary Tomy collection: plush + figures (August 2016 edition)

Hi again! It's August 1st, so it's time for another Pokemon 20th anniversary Tomy plush + figure! This month's mythical Pokemon is Arceus!

Before I show my collection, here's a link to the Arceus items that Gamestop currently has available. Click on Arceus to open it in a new window!

Now, on to the collection update!

(click on the post title to make these full size)
I went to Gamestop today at around noon, and my local store was sold out, of course.... (Pokemon fan employees + 2 plush = none for the customers) I had someone print out a paper showing which stores still had them in stock, and began my quest for the jewel of life.....err.... I mean Arceus plush! There was a store about 10 miles away with 2 in stock, so I rushed over there to find...... 2 plush in stock! lol I ended up getting 2 plush and 1 figure. I might go back for the shirt... they had plenty of them so no rush there.

For the gamestop exclusives, I put the unscratched download cards + sealed Pokeball figures inside the plush box. I know I say this everytime I post about these, but I wish the figures all came in the same packaging type. =/ Oh well, i found a decent way to display them so its whatever. lol

The Pikachu at the top is the Target exclusive, the one next to Mew is the TRU exclusive.


8 down, 4 to go! This year has gone by so fast..... only one more Gamestop exclusive (Genesect), and 3 more TRU exclusives (Victini, keldeo, Meloetta).

Do you have a collection of these, or the TCG pin boxes? Feel free to share stories / pics in the comments! I love seeing how everyone displays them! <3

Thank you for looking, and have a great day/night! =)
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