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Desperately need help

I'm not even sure if this type of post is allowed, but if not mods I ask please let me have it up for a little bit of time (even 24 hrs would be awesome!) because I have no idea where else to ask this. Please read the cut if you have had any luck salvaging stained plushes, your input is much appreciated!

To make a long story short, I'm in the process of moving, and while away for business for around a month a few of my family members helped pack up hubby and I's old house (which I do appreciate), well even given specific instruction to not pack up my Mew collection, they did.

I was excited today to be unpacked enough to unpack my collection, and upon digging my collection out I was utterly dismayed to find out that they were just thrown in a plastic trash bag, so now half of my collection is stained black with quite a few tag casualties. And the other half was lost to dog decimation inflicted by my sister's dogs who were apparently brought over during the packing process and left unsupervised. Is there any chance of saving what is left? I have the idea of using the spray oxiclean (though definitely not left on for as long as recommended on the bottle) followed by a hand wash with extra delicate woolite, but I am not sure if that will even work or ruin them. Perhaps a few cycles of this will at least somewhat bring them back to life?

Thanks in advance!
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