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Small keychain gets! (and updated sales, as usual)

Hey everyone!

Even though it sucks being apart from the majority of my collection, I've been satisfying my collection urges through tons of keychains, shirts, and other small things I've hoarded every since I've come back home for good in May. I've had a small group of figures shipped over from Japan and they arrived! Even though it isn't much, it's the best I can do right now in terms of collecting. I presume that this might not interest too many people, and for that I apologize.

Tbh there were also some other non-keychain related gets from past weeks that I've been too lazy to photograph and share but I promise I'll get on those eventually :P

Anyway, on to the gets!

Another Groudon Banpresto keychain, but this one is MIP. I went from having none to three in a span of three months! I can't believe it! And also yet another Lucario Banpresto keychain. I swear I have at least 10 Lucario keychains from Banpresto by now, with multiple copies of each of the different kinds. Also in there is a Mewtwo Banpresto keychain. I like its cranky look with its arms crossed. :) On the bottom right, is a Sceptile Bandai strap. These aren't easy to find, but I've been constantly searching for more of these after I fell in love with Sceptile when I gave him a go in Pokken.

Large Palkia Banpresto keychain and the non-pearly version of the Lugia Banpresto keychain. I've had three pearly ones but I never knew a non-pearly one existed! This now makes me wonder if a non-pearly version of the Groudon BP keychain exists. :O

And finally, some big keychains. Two Zekrom Kuji Reflector keychains, one very large Zekrom Ichiban Kuji keychain and Palkia 10th Anniversary pedestal keychain. I don't intend to take them out of their packaging for now, but I hope to use them someday! Especially the Zekrom Ichiban Kuji (I think I have three of them in total now, including two in storage.) I just don't know what to use it for. I could put it on my backpack but I'm worried that exposing it to the sun for too long will cause it to fade. Meh, I'll figure it out eventually.

Also updated my sales post with some extra keychains that I don't need.

Small preview of the new items added:

Check it out here: http://dragonkid20.livejournal.com/1351.html

All right, it's past 1 AM here..I should get to sleep. Good night and thanks for reading!
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